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You can make the payment here for the £75 legal telephone legal advice service* . Click the links below to pay  by Debit or Credit card or Paypal. 

* Terms and conditions are at the bottom of this page .

You can pay for all other Barrister Services by adding them to the cart below and paying with your debit or credit card.

Legal Services

London Barrister

To book a Barrister in London for your hearing please click the phone icon on this page to request a call back.

We provide Direct Access Barristers for:

  • Family
  • Civil
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Property
  • Immigration
  • Contract
  • Debt


London Family Law hearings including:

Child Arrangement Orders (Contact) Section 8 of the Children Act 1989 Applications

– First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment (FHDRA) hearings

     Fact Finding hearing

     Dispute resolution appointment

     Final hearing

–  Divorce

– Ancilliary relief

  • Injunctions
  • Applications
  • Multitrack and Fast Track civil matters
  • Family
  • Civil
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Property
  • Immigration
  • Contract
  • Debt
  • Directions
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Insolvency / Bankruptcy hearings
Barrister London


Dear Future Client,

You have indicated an interest in having a 20 minute one question telephone consultation for £75 (Normally £150, Covid Effect 50% Finance Discount Applied) with a Barrister

or one of the services priced in the payment link above as priced up which include but are not limited to:

£650 for half a day of oral advocacy

£1250 for half a day of oral advocacy

£450 1.5 hr Remote conference

£300 1 hr Telephone conference

£175 1 page A4 Letter of Advice

£1250 Barrister’s Opinion

£550 one Barrister’s letter to third party

£1250 Skeleton Argument

Please follow the instructions below to book in the service.

  1. Make payment to the details provided above for the service required.
  2. Write the singular question at the top of the email (this applies to the £75 20 minute telephone consultation only, otherwise you need to provide the relevant details of the case in question).
  3. Email all legal documents scanned into one pdf document.
  4. We arrange a time for the call.

Thats it.



-20 minutes One Legal Question Telephone Legal Advice UK-Practising Civil Barrister: Normally £150 Currently £75 due to effect of covid on clients’ finances. 

A @barristerlondon service.

Family Law

Landlord & Tenant




Personal Injury

Cash App request, Paypal or Bank details provided.

Client Care Letter

Terms & Conditions Agreed Upon Payment are sbove and below.  You will also need to send 2 forms of identity documents.



Service: Barrister answer to one legal question by telephone up to 20 minutes  Price: 

£75  no vat applicable Normally £150 (Covid Effect Discount Applied) 

I would be pleased to accept instructions from you on the terms set out in this letter and provide the service in the title above within 1-14 working days of compliance. We will agree a suitable time for the telephone call. It is important that you understand my full terms as they will form a contract between us.

I thought it would be helpful to set out the work that I will carry out for you and the fees that I will charge for this work.


I can confirm I can provide the service paid for with the payment link above at the relevant price as specified above no vat applicable subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions of this letter as soon as possible. (Note that relating to the 20 minute one legal question telephone advice session this is a preliminary concise advice for a reasonable starting price). You will need to have paid the sum due, in addition to scanning a copy of photo ID either a passport or driving licence and a utility bill from the last three months, and provided full papers within one pdf document, and made payment to the bank or payment details provided before the work starts. Note that other cases can be booked into my diary until you comply with this letter, so this booking remains provisional until full compliance has occurred. If you do not comply I will not be providing the service and you should make alternate advice arrangements.


The work I will carry out is set out above.

If subsequent work is needed on this matter, there will be another letter of agreement between us. This work does not include any written work including written otherwise. Because I carry out all my work personally and cannot predict what other professional responsibilities I may have in the future, I cannot at this stage confirm that I will be able to accept instructions for all subsequent work that may be required by your case.

My fees for this work

My fee for this work is the amount paid for in the payment link above (no VAT applicable). You and I agree that I will not commence with the work described above until you have paid the fee in advance as per the terms above, complied with the terms of this letter and provided all relevant papers. This payment should be made by bank transfer to the payment details given or to other payment details provided by me such as Credit or Debit Car, Paypal or Cash-App. Please note this fee is non-refundable as booking my service means I cannot do any other cases at the time I have allocated to complete this work.

If you are dissatisfied with the service you receive

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the service you receive my Chambers has a complaints process that you may follow. Further details about what to do if you have a complaint are set out in my terms.

Please read this letter and my full terms carefully. If you are happy for me to take on this work and agree with my terms please sign the enclosed copy of this letter and return it to me. If you do not understand any of my terms, you should ask me to clarify or explain them.





My terms:

  1. I am the only person you are instructing and I will personally do all the work needed under this arrangement.
  2. I have carefully considered the instructions and can confirm that I have sufficient experience and competence to undertake the work.
  3. If for any reason I cannot carry out all the work you are instructing me to do, or if I want to suggest that another barrister (instead of me, or as well as me) carries out the work for you, my clerk or I may propose this and explain why I have made this suggestion. However, another barrister will not carry out work for you unless and until you have agreed to this.
  4. There may be times when my professional commitments clash. If I identify a possible clash of commitments and I am unable to work on your case I will do my best to:

(1) Warn you as soon as possible and ask you how you would prefer to continue. As a result, it would be helpful if you would give me a telephone number on which I will always be able to contact you.

(2) Suggest the name of another barrister within my Chambers (of a suitable level of seniority and expertise), who is willing to accept your case under the same terms as this agreement. You would then need to decide whether you want to instruct that barrister.

(3) Help you find a barrister from other Chambers if there is not a suitable barrister within my Chambers, or if you do not want my Chambers to continue working on your case.

(4) Discuss with you the costs of using another barrister.

The work I will carry out

  1. The work you are instructing me to carry out is set out in my cover letter.
  2. If subsequent work is needed on this matter, and I am available to do the extra work, there will need to be another letter of agreement between us.

The range of work I can carry out

  1. Barristers advise on the law, draft documents for clients to use and appear on behalf of their client before courts or other organisations. Barristers do not handle client money or undertake the organisation or management of a case proceeding through a court.
  2. Here are some examples of work I can carry out.

(1) I can draft letters on your behalf.

(2) I can appear on your behalf to argue your case at court.

(3) If a witness statement is needed from you, I can draft it from what you tell me. I may also be able to help finalise a witness statement from another person based on the information that person has provided. However I will not draft it where I am acting as the advocate in that case.

(4) I can advise you on the need for expert evidence and on the choice of a suitable expert. However I may not instruct an expert on your behalf. Expert evidence is evidence about a professional, scientific or technical matter provided by an individual with expertise in that area.

(5) I can draft formal court documents for you. However, I cannot serve court documents on other parties or file them at court on your behalf, unless you are paying me for Litigation services separately (as I am authorised to conduct litigation). You will need to take responsibility for serving formal court documents on other parties and filing them at court. Serving court documents is the process by which papers relating to a case are put before the court or tribunal and the parties, eg individuals or organisations, involved in the case. This usually signals the start of formal proceedings.

(6) I can go on the court record (if you are paying me separately for litigation services) and provide my address to the court as the ‘address for service’ of documents (that is, the address which you are required to provide to the court for receipt by you of formal court documents sent by the court or other parties). You will be listed on the court record as a litigant in person. You will need to provide your own address as the ‘address for service’ of documents sent to you by the court and other parties.

  1. As you are instructing me without a solicitor, you must be sure that:

(1) you are able to do whatever is necessary for those matters that I cannot deal with; or

(2) you have made an arrangement with another person of suitable competence and experience to provide these services for you.

Circumstances when I may not be able to act for you

  1. As a barrister, I must follow the Bar Code of Conduct. That code of conduct requires me to consider whether a solicitor needs to be instructed in your own interests. If there comes a point at which I consider you need a solicitor I will no longer be able to act for you without the involvement of a solicitor. If I foresee that situation arising, I will give you as much notice as possible.

Legal Aid

  1. It is possible that you may be eligible for public funding or “legal aid” as it is usually referred to. However I do not do legal aid work. If you want to talk to someone in more detail about getting legal aid, you should contact a solicitor who does legal aid work. They will be able to advise you about legal aid arrangements relating to civil cases eg where you are in dispute with another individual or organisation and criminal cases eg where a crime may have been committed.
  2. You can find out more information on the website:

  1. If you wish to be assessed for legal aid for a civil case you can contact Community Legal Advice. This is a service which provides advice about family, debt, benefits, housing, education or employment problems. You can call them on: 0845 345 4345. You can also use their online legal aid calculator. This is a tool which allows you to check whether you can get legal aid for your case, if it is a civil case. This tool allows you to get online advice and can help you find a legal adviser near you:

  1. If you do not qualify for legal aid, you might like to consider whether you have any insurance policies that might cover your legal fees, or if the fees may be paid by someone else, for example a trade union.
  2. I can advise and represent you if:

  • you make an informed decision not to seek public funding;
  • you make a public funding application, eg you have applied to get legal aid to help fund your case, that is rejected;
  • you do not wish to take up an offer of public funding (perhaps because you consider that the level of contribution you will be required to make is too much).
  • Commerical building renovation evaluation plan

  1. In signing these terms, you confirm that you have been informed that you may be eligible for public funding and where you can find further information. You are choosing to instruct me without the benefit of any public funding that may be available to you.

My availability

  1. As I carry out all my professional work personally, there may be times when I am not available to you. For example, if I am in court for a day or for several days in a row. I may be totally unavailable to all other clients during that time. If you are not able to contact me directly you can leave a message with my clerk and I will respond as soon as possible. 


  1. My fees for this work are set out in my cover letter.
  2. Under these terms, you are responsible for paying the fees set out in my cover letter.


  1. You and I agree that:

(1) I am entitled to keep copies of any documents you give me for my own professional records; and

(2) I will return all your original documents to you when I have carried out the work you have instructed me to do.

  1. I would prefer that you give me copies of documents rather than originals. However, if this is not possible, I may make a reasonable charge to you for producing photocopies.

General obligations

  1. The information which you give me will be received in professional confidence. This means that I must maintain the confidentiality of any information you have shared with me and can only tell others about it if you give your consent for me to do so. The only exception is that statutory and other legal requirements may mean that I have to disclose (ie reveal) your information to governmental or other regulatory authorities, eg organisations, whose rules I must meet, without your consent and without telling you that I have made the disclosure. Statutory and legal requirements are rules or regulations that an individual must, by law, follow.
  2. This contract will be governed by English law, and any dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts. Jurisdiction means the power and authority of a court or tribunal to determine the outcome of a case and impose sanctions or penalties on those involved.


  1. I hope you will be happy with the professional services I provide. However, if you are not satisfied, you should first refer the matter either to me or to my Chambers in line with my Chambers’ complaints procedure. A copy of my Chambers’ complaints procedure is below.
  2. Chambers Complaints Procedure
  3. I pride myself on the excellence of my service. If at any time you have any concerns about the quality you are invited to let me know as soon as possible.
  4. In line with my friendly and open approach, in the first instance I would always encourage you to discuss any day-to-day concerns with me directly. I would very much hope that the matter can be resolved at this point, and that you will be satisfied with the outcome.
  5. However, if you feel that the concern or matter you have raised has not been dealt with to your satisfaction, then you may wish to make a formal complaint. We set out the steps in our formal complaints procedure below.
  6. Please address your formal letter of complaint to the Barrister concerned. Please give the following details: your name and address; the detail of the complaint, and what you would like done about it.
  7. I will write to you as soon as possible to let you know within 21 days setting out: the nature and scope of investigation; conclusion on each complaint and the basis for the conclusion; and, if you are justified in your complaint, proposals for resolving the complaint.
  8. All conversations and documents relating to the complaint will be treated as confidential and will be disclosed only to the extent that is necessary. If such a complaint is made, we will assume that you are authorising those investigating the complaint to view all the papers or other correspondence relevant to the matter.
  9. As part of my commitment to client care I will make a written record of any formal complaint.


  1. If you are not happy with my reply or my Chambers’ reply then you can contact the Legal Ombudsman. The Legal Ombudsman is a free, impartial and independent service set up by the Government which deals with complaints about the service you have received.
  2. You must complain to the Ombudsman within six months of receiving a final response to your complaint from myself or from my Chambers (provided the response specifically notifies you of your right to complain to the Ombudsman and of the six month time limit). A complaint to the Ombudsman must also be made not more than six years after the act or omission complained about or not more than three years from the date when you should reasonably have known that there were grounds for complaint.
  3. For further details about how to make a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman, including guidance about the new scheme rules that came into effect on 1 February 2013, please contact the Legal Ombudsman directly at:

Legal Ombudsman

PO Box 6806




Phone: 0300 555 0333


A guide to the new scheme rules that came into effect on 1 February 2013 can be found on the Legal Ombudsman’s website at:

Frequently Asked Questions concerning the new Legal Ombudsman can be found on the BSB’s website: